How many covers are there in the new TRENCH Magazine release? There are six covers in total and will be available for a limited time only. All magazines will be released exclusively, with a chain of shops, that will be announced shortly.

Does ordering a "cover" get you a magazine with articles in it or is it just a cover poster? All covers have the same content inside. So, that's exclusive interviews with each cover star, features, comments pieces and more.

When will my magazine be sent out? Each cover will drop at a different date, we estimate it can take up to 4-6 weeks (depending on location) from your pre-order date, especially for international orders.

What if I pre-order a "unannounced" cover before it drops, when will that be sent out? We won't send any orders out before the cover has been announced. So, please be patient. We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to secure their copy especially if they're buying earlier covers.

If I buy a magazine a cover that's been announced but also buy an "unannounced" cover, will I receive both magazines at the same time? We will be sending out all magazine covers separately as and when they're announced. So, if you order a new drop that will be sent out. The other magazine(s) you pre-ordered will be posted out to you as they get announced. 

What are the "+ SUPPORT £" add-ons when I go to purchase my TRENCH Magazine? As a small, dedicated team, passionate about UK music and culture, we felt it was important to make this as free as Big Cartel would allow us. We've invested a lot of time into creating this magazine from scratch, making sure that we can shine a spotlight on a wide range of talent that we're excited about. We'd like to continue creating, writing, and building the TRENCH brand. Through these super helpful contributions we can keep doing just that. We appreciate all our readers and if you can contribute, we'd be thankful for that extra level of support. 

Where can I read and watch more things like I saw in the TRENCH Magazine?